Custom Applications

A common request of our clients is to build something unique.  Sometimes such a shipping crate is needed for a single-use production item.  In other situations, a unique crate is required to be re-used many times like custom exhibit crates discussed below.  DFW Crating has the experience and expertise to create a solution specifically for the need at hand.  We have the latest software available that utilizes photographs and measurements that allow us to build a custom, form-fitting solution.

Our design process includes a host of questions and options for every custom-crating need.  Clients often choose a solution that maximizes protection without being concerned with aesthetics.  In other situations, clients want to protect their product and have the ‘box opening’ be part of the wow factor when the customer receives it.

While wood is our chief component for protecting your products and components, we can incorporate other elements depending on the need.  We might line the crates with carpet to add further protection from abrasions during shipment.  Additionally, foam blocks are a common piece we use in our custom crating solutions.  Foam is a great cushioning material that is cost-effective and tightly forms around your product to keep it from shifting during shipment.  Protective packing can be a valuable part of the solution when the component has to be stored between uses.  Crating solutions can be developed in such a way that they’ll carry a professional image during shipment, or on a shelf at the client’s location between uses.

NASA’s Dream Catcher

Custom Exhibit Crates

Trade show exhibits are often unique creations with custom graphics and components.  They are built with durability in mind to be used, constructed, disassembled, and stored over and over again. Exhibit fabricators don’t always focus on how to keep the components safe and secure between shows.  At DFW Crating, we have experience building unique solutions that will organize and secure all of the pieces of your exhibit so you can use them repeatedly.  We design such a crate with strength and re-usability in mind.  We want to make sure that the crate will survive being moved from city to city.  Our goal is that you’ll be ready for a new trade show exhibit before you need to replace your custom shipping crate.

Component Shipping

This example shows how multiple components for one delivery can be included in one custom crate.  Note how each piece is carefully secured within the crate.  At DFW Crating, we strive to balance the need for protection against the cost of that protection to deliver a best-in-class solution.

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Transport Dolly

In this example, you’ll see a dolly that obviously isn’t new but still has value.  Its steel construction and unique configuration define that value, and we were tasked with protecting it during shipment.  Our crate can be easily moved with a forklift once complete, but the client wanted the end user to be able to quickly unpack the dolly themselves.  Note how we incorporated ramps into the design.  They are lightweight but sturdy.  Each ramp is easily lifted from the open crate, then placed at the end so that the dolly could be removed with ease.

Custom Assembly Table

Don’t settle for having your employees conform their work process to some catalog workstation. You can cost-effectively have a workstation designed and built that meets your employees’ exact needs to maximize productivity and efficiency.

We can build a table using any of these color choices.