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DFW Crating has the experience, expertise, and capacity for creating all types of custom crates.  DFW Crating was established in 2001 and serves clients throughout Dallas, Arlington, Fort Worth and all of North Texas.  As we developed our core staff, we purposefully sought out people with established experience, and they’ve remained with us for years.  Some of our team have been building custom crates for over 30 years!  
We serve a variety of industries and companies that need to get physical goods and parts to their clients. Our custom crating solutions will protect your products whether you’re shipping them via truck, train, or ship or planning for long-term storage.

Industrial Applications and Experience

We purposely chose the images on this page to illustrate the types of industries we serve. Components for aviation, automotive, offshore drilling, turbine power generation, and other manufacturing applications often cost thousands to produce while complex instruments may cost millions to produce.  Shipping these successfully to your customers ensures a successful sale for you.  
Our packaging and custom crates are designed for your product and built with safety and security in mind.  We use advanced CAD software in our design process that allows us to demonstrate exactly how we’ll package your component, and support it throughout the shipping process.  We build-in multiple safeguards to protect the item from drops, shifting, and other common shipping situations.  Knowing what goes into the engineering of our solutions give our clients peace of mind.   They are assured that we are implementing the best possible protection for their valuable assets. 
Our materials and processes are designed to meet the requirements of international standards.  We use ISMP-15 Certified materials, and have our unique stamp on each crate.  We are audited monthly by an independent auditor who reviews our materials, procedures, and documenation to validate that we track everything coming in, and going out.


Experienced crating solutions for military or commercial use.

Single Use or Reusable

Our engineers work with your team to ensure a reliable solution built to your business needs.

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Energy Generation

Power generation requires precision components delivered securely and intact.

Reusability is Common

Many deliveries in power generation involve a core return.  Our crates are built with durability in mind.

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DFW Crating can build what you need, as you need it.

Build to Order

We can deliver a standard crating solution to your facility, considering your delivery calendar.  We’ll make sure you have enough crates on hand to meet your workflow and reduce your need for storing crates onsite.

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We use the latest in CAD software to ensure our completed crates protect your product.

Custom Solutions

Our engineers take precise measurements from an existing product, or the specifications from your planning documents and build a secure solution specific to your needs.

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Reusable Crating Solutions

Another specialty of ours is a crating solution that can be used over and over again.   An example of this would be a trade show booth.   We have some excellent examples on our custom application page.  We would build a crate specifically with YOUR booth in mind so that every piece can be packed and transported to achieve the maximum life span for your booth.  Booths like this can exceed $25,000, $50,000  or more, and the right shipping crate will enable you to use this booth over and over again for years. 

Custom Shipping Crates

Many products may have a unique shape that may require a complex set of brackets to hold it securely in place during shipping.  Our consulting and rendering process will evaluate your product, identify areas that require any extra support and plan accordingly.  DFW Crating’s engineers then design a solution with a firm quote.

Our Core Values

We have taken great care to create the type of business we take great pride in.  We have brought together the tools, technology and people that stand ready to meet your crating needs with the highest quality at a competitive price.

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“Best service and very knowledgeable staff if you need it crated and done right these are the guys to use”

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Custom Crating Solutions for all Your Shipping Needs

Whether you need a crate for a single use, or one that will be re-used for 10 trips or longer, we can build a crate that will meet your needs.


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