DFW Crating and Packaging successfully developed and implemented a build-to-order program.  The scheduled release of prebuilt crates allows our clients to save warehouse space, and reduce inventory carrying costs while maintaining their operational flexibility.

Designing and building crates to be delivered over time starts just like any other project.  Engineers at DFW Crating and Packing will conduct a robust discovery process, understand the scope, and identify potential challenges.  As a rule, we can design a packaging solution based on the components’ drawings; however, when necessary, our engineers will make an onsite visit to obtain precise measurements.

The engineering team of DFW Crating and Packaging will design a solution with the following considerations in mind:

  • Weight, dimensions, and center of gravity.
  • Fragile or removable attachments.
  • Shipment method.
  • Duration of storage.
  • The means to minimize damage during transport.

The majority of our crates are constructed with plywood panels and lumber cleating. That composition provides a significant advantage over other materials. As a result, it is a superior choice for various shipments, while being durable enough to protect the contents long-term. Here are the steps that DFW Crating and Packaging developed to complete its built-to-order projects:

  • Having gathered all pertinent information, our engineering team creates a 3-D drawing.  This schematic depicts unique structural support elements, as well as provides the list of crating materials to be used.  For us, the main goal of any project is to strike the right balance between potential risks, building requirements, and costs. Even though unforeseen circumstances may always affect a shipment, we strive to meet our client’s standards for “adequate protection.”  DFW Crating and Packaging takes pride in the fit and finish of every completed crate.
  • Our facility in Grand Prairie is centrally located to serve the entire DFW Metroplex and North Texas.  The ample room in that facility allows us to store built-to-order crates and deliver them upon request.
  • For the built-to-order deliveries, DFW Crating and Packaging has engaged the exclusive services of two local trucking companies. We also own one air-ride flatbed and two bobtail trucks.  This assortment of delivery options enables our company to meet all your shipping needs regardless of volume.
  • Ready to get started?  Give us a call or click to “Get a Quote” and we will contact you to begin the discovery process.