Our build-to-order program at DFW Crating is designed to meet the needs of our production clients while minimizing their costs and on-site storage needs.  Designing and building crates to be delivered as needed starts just like any of our projects. We go through a robust discovery process, understand what needs to be packaged, and identify particularly sensitive or weak points in the item.  We can often design a solution based on the components schematics alone but will make an onsite visit as needed to obtain precise measurements.

Our engineer will design a solution that meets the needs of the component considering several key points.  These considerations include:

  • how it’s going to be shipped, 
  • how long it will be stored, and 
  • what support is needed inside the crate to minimize the opportunity for damage during transport.

Our basic crates that are typically used for build-to-order scenarios are made from reusable plywood.  We use custom-sized attachments to hold the panels together. Our panels start quite large, and we can cut them efficiently with our precision, automated saws.  This enables DFW Crating to craft a crate in any size and shape. Plywood has significant advantages over other crating materials; it is a great choice for heavy shipments and is durable enough to protect the contents.  

Prior to producing the first crate, our engineer will create a 3-D drawing to demonstrate our attention to detail.  It will show you how we’ve accounted for the unique support needs for your component, and the choices we made in the crating material.  The goal of any project like this is to balance the requirements versus the potential risks. While there may always be extenuating circumstances that might affect a shipment, our goal is to work with our clients to ensure they meet their insurance companies’ needs for “adequate protection” while being shipped and stored. DFW Crating takes pride in the fit and finish of every completed crate. 

Our facility in Grand Prairie places us in a centralized location to serve the entire DFW Metroplex and North Texas.  We have substantial room on site to produce build-to-order crates, and we can deliver them to you as you need them.  This frees up space in your facility, enabling you to maximize the opportunities available in your space.  

When it comes to delivery, DFW Crating has engaged the exclusive services of two local trucking companies.  This enables us to dictate the scheduling of trucks leaving our facility so that we can meet your needs for the size and timing of deliveries.  

Ready to get started?  Simply give us a call now, or click to “Get a Quote” and we’ll contact you to start the discovery process.