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Of all the companies I’ve started over the past 20 years, Freight Crafters, Inc. has been the most rewarding in so many ways! Having spent 25 years in the global service industry and having traveled to over 30 countries successfully solving customer supply chain challenges, I acutely understand what it takes to build a world-class service company. When the opportunity came to take on the task of providing quality crating and packaging solutions for an industry that just adopted the first-ever ISPM-15 HT standards, I said, “Yes!” So, in 2001, we opened our doors to customers with complex crating needs. I can proudly say that we are a service company! Our foundation was an experienced team that is guided by a few simple principles:

  • We are a service company
  • We keep our promises
  • We always consider the end-user
  • We treat others how they want to be treated
  • We always look for ways to improve
  • Our greatest asset is the people

Over 20 years later, we are honored to employ the same core team of highly skilled professionals. Moreover, as we continue to evolve every aspect of our operations, the organization more than doubled in size. Freight Crafters became DFW Crating and Packaging after the acquisition of two more companies. Our goal is horizontal integration in the marketplace, as we align our brand development and resources to focus on specific business investments. Technology is playing a major role and preparing us to maintain the best value for our customers with improved efficiency, quality, and productivity. Automation is driving employee training to develop crucial skills for a next-generation workforce. We have added several seasoned engineers and 3-D digital modeling to enhance innovation and creativity while streamlining our day-to-day processes.

The service mindset and caring for others do not stop at our business. We serve others to the best of our abilities: providing leadership and serving on several city community boards, being a member of the city council and later serving as Mayor; serving on Non-Profit Community Boards, Chamber Boards, Economic Development Boards, and numerous others. We hope to have the opportunity to serve you as a new friend or customer of DFW Crating and Packaging!

Mark Mathews


Freight Crafters is now

DFW Crating

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