Customized Crating Solutions for your Shipping and Storage Needs

DFW Crating possesses the technical expertise and practical experience to create custom crating solutions that will be centered around your component or product.  We utilize the latest CAD software and specialized equipment to ensure that your product is protected during shipment and/or storage.  Our experience encompasses a variety of industries and applications, such as power generation, offshore drilling, aerospace, automotive manufacturing, defense, and more.  In addition, DFW Crating and Packaging constructed hundreds of fully customized crates for trade-show booths.  These reusable units are built with durability in mind to make multiple trips without significant repairs.

crating solutions

We have segmented DFW Crating and Packaging website into three primary categories: “CUSTOM,” “HEAVY DUTY,” and “BUILD TO ORDER.” Each of these sections is geared toward a specific type of a crate’s design specifications.  For example, information about a complex reusable tradeshow crate for custom 3-D printed components will be found in the “CUSTOM” section.

DFW Crating and Packaging’s “HEAVY DUTY” section provides information about several industries we serve that require large, reinforced crating and packaging solutions. These heavy-duty crates are designed to bear more than 30,000 + lbs. with minimal bowing or flexing.  Special high-density materials and additional structural reinforcements are used to keep the loads protected whether on trucks, trains, air, or sea.

Let us do the scheduling for you. Our company designs each of our “BUILD TO ORDER” crating and packaging solutions to meet your production schedule requirements over time.  We use our planning expertise and available warehouse space to store numerous prebuilt crates in our facility ready for immediate delivery upon your request.

Custom Crates for Single or Multiple uses

Unique crating and packaging solutions require a combination of sophisticated engineering designs, unorthodox ideas, and time-tested construction methods that will protect your product during shipping and/or storage.  At the same time, these solutions need to meet your budgetary and insurance requirements.  At DFW Crating and Packaging, our team will never build cheap solution for you.  Our goal is to offer you a crate that strikes the right balance between adequate protection, as specified by your insurance carrier, and cost effectiveness you expect.

customized crating solutions

With the help of the latest 3-D design software and computer-guided cutting equipment, our team is able to create a solution that will be a perfect fit for your component or product. We can develop a packaging or crating design either by using your engineering specifications or take our own measurements on-site.

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Heavy Duty Crates

Heavy-duty crates, built by DFW Crating and Packaging, are used in industries like aerospace, power generation, defense, offshore drilling, etc.  Our heavy-duty crates are designed to support large components or products weighing more than 30,000 lbs. with minimal bowing or flexing.  The engineering team will review all specifications and utilize the right materials for each project.  In some cases, DFW Crating and Packaging will use high-density materials, such as oak, to reinforce the frame.  We can also build in additional features, namely J-Hooks, sleds, cradles, ramps, D-Rings, butterfly latches, etc., to make it as convenient as possible for you or your clients to unload and install heavy components at their final destination.

If you are looking for a heavy-duty reusable crate, DFW Crating and Packaging offers several custom solutions.  Our company utilizes a variety of proprietary components.  There are nearly unlimited options when it comes to wood, hinges, fasteners, paint, “doughnut feet”, lid chains, carpeted surfaces, cushioned float bases, and more.  When clients outline their requirements for a specific shipment, we know from experience which materials will best maximize the lifespan of a crate.  We are your Subject Matter Experts when it comes to custom crating and packaging solutions! Through fine-tuned processes, we have the capability to demonstrate building cost differences based on single or multiple uses.

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Build to Order

Some clients request a gradual release of prebuilt crates.  DFW Crating and Packaging is ready to serve! Rather than ordering a few crates at a time several times throughout the year, our clients can schedule a structured delivery. DFW Crating and Packaging will produce the crates in advance and store them, delivering them upon request. This process enables our clients to be flexible while, at the same time, meeting their customers’ needs, saving warehouse space, and minimizing the carrying cost of empty crates.

Custom crating solutions

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