Customized Crating Solutions for your Shipping and Storage Needs

DFW Crating has the expertise, experience, and technical savvy to create the custom crating solutions that will fit your component or product perfectly.  We utilize the latest software and advanced equipment to ensure that your product is protected during shipment and storage.  Our experience extends into a variety of industries and applications.  DFW Crating has customers in power generation, offshore drilling, aerospace, automotive manufacturing and more.  We’ve built completely customized crates for trade-show booths, and we build reusable crates that are built with the strength to make mulitple return trips.

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We’ve organized our website into three primary sections, and each contains more details about the types of containers we create for each use.   The sections are labelled as CUSTOM, HEAVY DUTY, and BUILD TO ORDER.  An example of a more complex custom order was the one we did for a tradeshow booth that had to travel to multiple cities throughout the US.  The booth components were custom printed, and likely cost in excess of $50,000, so creating a unique way to keep everything organized and protected was critical.

Our HEAVY DUTY section goes into more detail about the industries we serve with large crates that are designed to bear the weight of heavy components, and keep them protected whether on truck, train, air, or sea.

We design each of our BUILD TO ORDER programs to meet the needs of your production schedule.  We have space to store numerous crates in our facility, and we can have a number of them at the ready to deliver to you as needed.

Custom Crates for Single or Multiple uses

Unique crating solutions require a sophisticated approach, and our proven methods will protect your product during shipping and storage, while meeting your budgetary and insurance requirements.  At DFW Crating, we will never build you a cheap solution, but at the same time, there is no such thing as a guaranteed solution.  We produce a crate that meets the right balance between adequate protection to meet the needs of your inusrance carrier, while remaining cost effective.

customized crating solutions

Our 3D design software enables us to create a solution that will receive your component or product the first time.  We can either use specifications that your engineering team produces for your clients, or come on site and take our own measurements to ensure a perfect fit, and adequate protection for any sensitive areas.

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Heavy Duty Crates

Our heavy duty crates are designed to support the weight of product and keep it protected during shipping.  Our engineer will review the specifications, and utilize the right components for each job.  Once the weight exceeds a certain amount, we’ll use oak in the base frame to support it.  Our heavy duty crates are used in many industies like aerospace, power generation, offshore drilling, etc.  Each crate is built with the end in mind, and we design in features to make it as easy and seamless as possible for your client to unload and install the component at their site.

Many of the crates we produce are built to be reusable.  We have a variety of components to choose from when building a custom crate.  There are options when it comes to wood, hinges, fasteners, paint, and more.  Our clients outline what the requirements are for a particular container. Based on that information, we know from experience which pieces will best maximize the lifespan of a crate.   We are your subject matter experts when it comes to custom crating solutions. We can outline the cost differences whether a crate is going to be used once, five, ten times or more.

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Build to Order

Some of our clients have a common crate that they need over and over again.   Rather than order a few at a time, they have us produce these in advance.  In this way, crates are ready when they need them.  We have space available in our facility to store these crates.  Once neeed, we can deliver them as components are completed and need to be shipped.   This enables our clients to be flexible in meeting the needs of their customers.   Our build-to-order process saves them space and carrying costs of having empty crates on location.

Custom crating solutions

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